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Qingdao Steel Yi Solar Ltd. was established in 1990,Specializing in solar water heaters, solar water heating projects, air to water projects, solar lighting, research and development of photovoltaic power generation, production and sales。With advanced production equipment,Professional technical team, healthy business networks, improve the service system.New product structure, engineering design scientific and reasonable, quick and easy installation, system efficiency, energy saving, safety, and environmental protection; has a wide range of applications, fully automatic operation, long service life, by the school, hotel, bath center, aquaculture, plant, mining, real estate and other enterprises and the people's trust.

Solar Energy Co., Ltd. Qingdao Steel Yi always pay attention to product quality and engineering in the industry earlier passed the ISO9001 quality system certification; always adhere to the "product and the same character, quality and life coexist," the pioneering concept of "pragmatic, innovative, perseverance, excellence "spirit, commitment solar energy industry, and adhere to solar energy and air energy, solar energy and building the perfect combination of green solar energy road harmony with the environment development.

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